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Trusted plumber for over 25 years.
Serving All of Santa Cruz
Including Scotts Valley & Aptos
Serving All of Santa Cruz
Including Scotts Valley & Aptos

The Best Cleaning Service for Sewers in Santa Cruz

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Since 1985, Santa Cruz Rooter has provided sewer cleaning in Santa Cruz for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our company has been family owned for three generations, which means we’ve provided the area with our expert sewer contractors and plumbing and drain services for over 25 years. When it comes to your sewer line, you can trust us to give you what you need, from cleaning a sewage backup to dealing with troublesome tree roots.

Our Knowledgeable Contractors Also Perform Repairs

How do you know when you need a professional cleaning? It can be something as simple as finding varying water levels in your home’s toilet bowls. Serious clogs can lead to big issues with your pipes, such as bursts or a lack or water. We can cleanout your clog using a traditional method – with an auger or snake.
Our team of qualified plumbers does more than unclog your clogged pipes. Depending on what type of service you need, we can provide sewer repair and pipe locating. You cannot always visually inspect your piping, so our plumbers use professional equipment for sewer pipe locating and radio line location. These professional techniques include video pipe inspections and the use of a rooter.
We also specialize in the following:
  • Trenchless repairs and replacement
  • Hydro jetting services
  • Pipe repairs
  • Leak detection
  • Drain cleaning
  • And more
The most common sewer problems include things like drain blockage, tree roots, and cracked or collapsed lines. Without proper attention, these problems can become serious and even cause property damage.

Also Serving Scotts Valley, Aptos and Surrounding Communities

At Santa Cruz Rooter, our main goal is to help you resolve your piping issues quickly and effectively. That’s why we offer a fast, same-day plumber. Plus, we also have a $99 drain clearing special for our Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and Aptos customers. To contact our team of professionals, please call us at 831-740-8937.
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